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Woah! We’re in the second half of the year already. How amazing is that? I love July for a multitude of reasons:

  • My mom’s birthday is on the 8th; I love her so much and I’m always excited to do something nice for her
  • It’s the start of the 3rd quarter and 2nd half of the year, so it gives me a chance to really reflect and figure out how to achieve those goals I set at the beginning of the year, if I’m not already on my way.
  • It’s like a reset/refresh – new energy, new enthusiasm. It’s like okay, I might have messed up in the first half but here’s a chance to redeem myself.

July: Reckless Optimism | Willworkforairmiles.com

The word for July is not one, but two words – RECKLESS OPTIMISM. You get what you give. What you put out to the universe, you get back in return. This month, I’m going to practice reckless optimism. Optimism in every situation I find myself. Optimism, no matter how unrealistic it might seem given the cirmcumstances. Optimism, in every area of my life.

I’m working on setting my professional and personal goals for the 3rd quarter, as well as a 180 day plan. I’m setting measurable goals around

  • The number of dresses I want to sell at The Maxi Shop & Pretzels Kids
  • How much exercise I need to get in weekly
  • How many inches growth I want in my hair
  • How to bring my blog back to life
  • How many new connections I want to make

And many more like that . . .

Do you have any exciting goals for July? Or the 3rd quarter? Or the 2nd half?

D. xxx

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