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August – Giving Back

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Hola hola! It’s been a bit. I didn’t miss out on a theme for the month of August, I just didn’t blog about it. I decided that August was for giving back. I don’t remember how I came to this decision; however I remember feeling very strongly about it. I am deeply passionate about kids; particularly less fortunate kids. And I’ve always wanted a way to give back to them. That’s why I decided to run a Back2School drive, through my kids’ clothing line. I remember how much my sister used to lament as a NYSC teacher about her students’ not being able to do anything at school because they didn’t even have things as simple as pencils. Many didn’t have shoes. My cousin also served as a NYSC teacher at another school. Her own students had difficulties getting to school because there was a heavily flooded path between the main road and their school. So they’d have to waddle with their feet in the dirty water, and by the time their day started they were already a mess.

This is my appeal to you, whoever may be reading this blog, to give whatever you can. Old things, new things. Writing materials. Pencil cases. Book bags. Water bottles. Lunch boxes. Clothes. Shoes. Socks. Sweaters. Raincoats. Rain boots. Whatever you can give.

If you’d like to give, kindly email pretzelskids@gmail.com and we’d be happy to arrange collection.

God bless.

D. xxx

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