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Ladies [& gentlemen]. It is soooo important to pay special attention to your financial health, no matter how young you are. Many people wait until it’s too late, and unfortunately get into a lot of trouble. I read ‘The Smart Money Woman’ by Arese Ugwu over the weekend, and it gave me life. I thought I knew all I needed to about managing my money, but now I know better. I like that the book isn’t all personal finance from start to finish, so it’s not boring. I’ve tried and failed to finish many personal finance books because they got too boring. This one actually has a storyline; following the lives of a bunch of young ladies that I could relate to. There was even a love story in there.

What lessons did I learn from this book?

  • The importance of building an emergency fund
  • The need to set financial goals; long & short term
  • I knew it was important to save monthly; but I didn’t know it was also important to save monthly towards long term investments
  • The need to be financially independent, even as a young woman

Anyways, I highly recommend this book to all women, young & old. Especially the young. It’s available on Amazon [ebook on kindle] and in stores around Lagos [including Ebeano].

Hope you all slay your week!

D. xxx

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