What I Learned About Kids Today

If you live in Lekki [heck, Lagos] you’re well aware of the floods that we were graced with today. Thankfully, The Boy & I live in an upstairs apartment. Unfortunately, the neighbors downstairs got fully flooded. Like, the water got up to the level of their beds and furniture and stuff. They have two kids; age 5 & 12. It’s been raining nonstop for days. But we didn’t see the flood coming. We live on a street in Lekki that never gets flooded, no matter how much it rains.

It was a regular Saturday morning. But it was raining heavily. And the thunderstorm affected my sleep. So I was trying to get a little more sleep, even as it kept raining. I had planned to go to work around 9/10am so I wanted to get as much sleep as possible. Husband’s phone rang a few minutes to 8am & it was the neighbors. What could they want? Anyways he answered, and they asked if they could send their daughters upstairs because their entire apartment was flooded. Of course, the sleep cleared from my eyes. He ran downstairs to get the kids. And that was the beginning of my day. [We later found out both our cars were fully filled with water as well, but thank God it wasn’t our cars & home, right?]

First thing I did was make breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, sausages, baked beans. Then I realized they could be allergic. I called their parents to ask about any allergies. None. So all 4 of us got on the table to eat. Little girl wanted syrup, older girl didn’t. I put the syrup on her pancakes. She tasted it. She didn’t like it. The Boy & I had to swap unsyrupped pancakes with her. Then she decided altogether that she didn’t like pancakes. But she liked the eggs. So The Boy gave her all of his eggs. She ate it. And wanted more. So I gave her all of my eggs too. That was lesson 1. Sacrifices. We each had to sacrifice all of our eggs for her.

Lesson 2. Sticky things. After they left, I had to clean up. My house that gets cleaned a couple of times a week had to be cleaned a couple of times while they were here. You see, I suffer from OCD. So everything had to get cleaned as it was happening. Spilled juice. Spilled water. Cookie crumbs. All sorts. When they left and I was doing general cleaning, I found lots of sticky things on the couch and floor. I have no idea what they were. I don’t even want to know to be honest, LOL!

Lesson 3. Lost & found. The 12 year old was very calm and gentle. I guess she was in a new environment [they’ve never hung out with us before] so it took her some time to get comfortable. But even after she got comfortable, she was still very calm and pleasant. The 5 year old however did NOT hold back. She was dancing ballet, doing cartwheels [scattering the house], picking things, examining things. I had to constantly be alert. I couldn’t even take a nap. Because if I snoozed for even 2 minutes she found something to touch [that she shouldn’t be touching – hey! I have no kids so my house isn’t childproof]. One of the times she was hungry and I was going to make her something to eat, I couldn’t find the lighter. I asked if she took it and she said no. I was confused. There’s only one place I ever keep it. I later found it in one random drawer in the kitchen, along with the many other things she ‘collected’. Upon asking her she simply said “oh sorry, I forgot”.

Lesson 4. Multiple meals. I swear I fed them at least 4-5 times in the 12 hours that they spent with us. No joke. And there were many snacks in between. Wow. And their portion sizes were way bigger than mine. I was in awe.

Lesson 5. The most important. Be happy for no reason like a child. Despite everything happening and their reason for being here, they didn’t seem phased about anything. The younger one was sad for a few minutes about her teddy bear drowning. But in a few minutes she snapped out of it and was back to her bubbly self.

It was definitely an adventurous & fun day.  Now I need to take a very hot shower and relax.

Ps. They found a fish swimming in their living room. This is no joke.

D. xx

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