Adventures with Doyin

It was a slow day at work. So I called up my partner in crime, Doyin and she was home chilling. I decided to go chill with her for a bit. One thing led to another, and our cousin, Biyi, ended up coming to get us to go have lunch. From Doyin’s House.

We went to HSE Gourmet in Lekki for Lunch. I had a really good “Juicy Chicken Burger”, while Doyin had their wings. Both with fries [finally satisfied yesterday’s fries craving]. I think the highlight for me though, as is usually the case, was the peach & passion fruit sangria. It’s just so damn good. But meanwhile, what’s up with the waitress there? I’ve been there multiple times and never have I heard her speak with a British accent. It however seems like she has rebranded, and has decided to speak like the Queen. Even I couldn’t fake her British accent. But I digress…

The actual reason for this post is rather hilarious. To me, at least. We had a pretty good lunch; and the conversation was good. We sat there talking for long even after we had finished eating. Then it was time to go home. I asked Biyi to please drop us at my shop so I could check in on my staff. And my shop was very close to the restaurant. I even offered to drop Doyin. So he dropped us. He asked if he should wait, and we said no. Do you get the joke yet? MY CAR WAS NEVER AT WORK. IT WAS AT DOYIN’S BECAUSE I DROVE IT THERE. By the time we realized, we had walked round the mall parking lot trying to find the car. I was wondering why my brain failed me and I couldn’t remember where I parked my car.

We decided to call Uber. The first one took forever to show up. And his phone number [from the app] was switched off. He then called from a different number, also saying that his car was different from the one on the app and that Uber just hadn’t updated it yet. I was like hell no, I’m not going. Because just yesterday my aunt warned me about using Uber and such related services, saying Uber drivers have been involved in a lot of controversies including kidnap & armed robbery lately. We pretty much camped out at a meat shop where I went to buy some meat until we finally found an Uber driver that seemed sane enough.

It was hilarious. It still is. I still can’t believe we did that. Even Doyin didn’t realize until it was too late. Thank God for Uber sha. Lol!

The end.

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